Zeno X Gallery

In 1981, Frank and Eliane Demaegd founded Zeno X Gallery in an old 20th century town house at the Antwerp South district. Six years later, they enlarged the existing exhibition space by combining it with the adjoining building.

In 2002 a second gallery space, named Zeno X Storage opened in Borgerhout.

After more than 30 years Zeno X Gallery moves the main focus of its program from the Antwerp South district to the east part of the city, Borgerhout. The existing Zeno X Storage has been extended and is now connected with the neighbouring building as it originally was in the first half of the 20th century when milk factory Schellekens was housed there. The recently added part got a complete renovation overseen by the Belgian architects Coussée & Goris.
This expansion will stimulate Zeno X’s development and gives the opportunity to mount more prominent and larger scale exhibitions.